FOR SALE: Chariot Cougar 2 Double Bike Trailer

We are selling a Chariot Cougar 2 double bike trailer. It is a high end trailer, well built, lovely handling, with suspension. The trailer is 4 years old. We used it frequently for about a year to ferry two children to nursery, but it has been only lightly used since then, so is in very good condition. It has always been stored in the shed in between use.

The trailer folds up easily for storage or to go in the car boot.  It has 2 layers of cover – a waterproof outer, or you can unzip that and fold it back leaving a fabric mesh screen. The trailer has a removable tow arm, and you can buy other accessories to convert it to a pushchair or a jogger (or even add skis).  We can throw in a baby sling attachment if interested (suitable from birth).

See a review here

Selling as the children are now too large for it. Included accessories: two padded child harnesses (by mistake not shown on photos), bike tow arm, an axle hitch to fit the bike you are towing with.

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

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